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How to Request a Grant from Fort Collins Area Interfaith Council (FCAIC) in 2024


  • Applicants must be a nonprofit organization, or partnering with a nonprofit organization on the program/project.

  • Preference given to applicants affiliated with FCAIC, either through a member participating on one of our teams, a recommendation made by a team, the organization having participated in a monthly presentation, or through organizational membership in FCAIC.

  • Program/Project must align with the Fort Collins Area Interfaith Council’s mission which is “to facilitate interfaith understanding, cooperation and action towards the greater good in our community.”

  • Program/Project must align with at least one of the team focus areas listed on FCAIC’s team page:


There are two competitive grant cycles each year. In 2024, the first cycle’s deadline is March 31, 2024 and the second is September 30, 2024. You may apply anytime prior to the deadline for either funding cycle. Decisions will be announced by May 3, 2024 and November 8, 2024. 

Program/Project Requirements: 

  1. Activities must take place in the greater Fort Collins area, and can include bordering communities.

  2. Activities must be administered ethically and without discrimination. 

  3. Activities cannot require anyone to participate in any religious activity.

  4. Activities must align with the FCAIC Mission statement and fall within at least one team focus area. 

  5. Application must include a description of how the funds will be spent, and the requested amount. Recommend requests between $250 and  $2000. 



Step 1: Submit an application through our online form at

Step 2: The FCAIC Grants Team will consider the requests and take final recommendations to the Executive Team.

Step 3: Organizations will be notified of the outcome of their grant request, and next steps if funded. Funding Decisions will be announced by May 3, 2024 and November 8, 2024. 

Step 4: We will share the results of who was funded through our newsletter and media outlets

Step 5: After the grant-funded program/project is complete, submit a brief summary of the project/program to Include information about attendance/participation, outcomes, and how FCAIC funds were used.


Emergency Grants or Gifts

We are sometimes able to provide gift donations or emergency grant funds, outside of the competitive grant cycles. If your organization is in need of either, you will need approval from the FCAIC Executive Team and/or the FCAIC team you are involved with, before filling out the application. If you have questions, please email


Questions? Email the FCAIC grants team at

FCAIC Grants Team Leader: Annie Lindgren

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