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How to Request a Grant from Fort Collins Interfaith Council in 2023

Eligibility: A leader of a sub-group of FC Interfaith Council or a leader of an organization affiliated with FCIFC or a leader of an appropriate non-profit organization may apply for a grant.


Timeline: A request for a grant can be made at any time January - October, 2023. Each request will be processed separately.


Requirements: The program/project:

      1. Must take place within the Fort Collins area.

      2. Must be open to all persons.

      3. Cannot require anyone to participate in any religious activity.

      4. Must align with “The Fort Collins Interfaith Council’s mission is to facilitate interfaith understanding, cooperation and  
     action towards the greater good in our community.”

      5. Once approved, must have an announcement about it in an FCIFC e-bulletin (



Step 1: Send an email to the FCIFC Grants Team at and include:

      - How much money you are asking for (recommended: $250 - $2,000).

      - What specifically the money will be used for.

      - When and where the program/project will take place.

      - Details of the program/project.

      - Who will benefit.

      - How program/project will be advertised.

Step 2: The FCIFC Grants Team will consider the request.

Step 3: The FCIFC Grants Team will send the request to the FCIFC Executive Team for final approval or will return it to the requesting organization without approval.

Step 4: Organizations will be notified of the outcome of their grant request.


Questions may be sent to the FCIFC Grants Team at

FCIFC Grants Team

IFC Grants and Giving Team 2022 Report


In 2022 Interfaith Council was able to give a total of $6,750 in grants to the following:

  • Community Chaplaincy of Larimer County (a group of Interfaith spiritual caregivers that help respond to our community in a disaster or in times of need)

  • Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity (contributing to their “Faith Build”, where many faith communities work together to build a Habitat home)

  • Fort Love Refugee Resources (a start-up organization seeking to address the needs of refugees and resettlement in our area)

This grant money came from member faith communities and non-profit organizations, as well as individual members of IFC. Putting our money together, we were able to get $6,750 out into the community! This money, through the above organizations, will help change lives and benefit our community of Fort Collins.

In 2022 the IFC Grants Team members were Alex Statham-Lardner, David Spencer, Diane Cohn, Dianne Tjalkens, Joan Carter, Joyce Trujillo, and Kay Bunch. Thanks, team, for your care and collaboration!

IFC Grants show once again that we truly are better together!

Lynnette Thayer
Lead, IFC Grants Team


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