Better Together, Now More Than Ever: Our Response to COVID-19

Dear Friends and Neighbors, 

Thank you all for the ways that you are already caring for yourselves and each other. It has been powerful to see the ways in which we are all stepping up as a community, even as we are physically distancing. 

As the Interfaith Council, we are committed to practicing our belief that we are better together, in person, virtually, and especially now. We are here to be a resource for you and a place for people to gather and support one another. 

Keep caring for each other out there, friends. If you see a need that we can help with, let us know. And I pray that you find ways to feel connected to each other, to give and receive care. To build on that Mr. Rogers' quote that always makes the rounds, look for the helpers and find ways to join them. 

I know you will do just that, and I so look forward to when we can all be together in-person again. 

Grateful to serve with you, 

Laura Nelson 

Fort Collins Area Interfaith Council President

How You Can Help

We are compiling a list of current needs from our partner agencies. These requests are being shared in a weekly email to everyone on our mailing list. Email us a at to have your request added to our list. 

Pledge Your Financial Support

Will you consider donating some or all of your stimulus funds to a local non-profit? These agencies are on the front lines of caring for us all. They have stepped up in incredible ways under very challenging circumstances, and some of them serve people who will not receive stimulus funding, making it more likely that those individuals will remain stuck on the margins of our community. Let's keep that from happening. Click below to visit our pledge page and read more.

Reflect & Engage

World Wisdoms Project is collaborating on a project with the Interfaith Council to bring short videos to you every Thursday and Monday from people in the Northern Colorado community with various faith and beliefs. They will be sharing what wisdom they are clinging to during these unprecedented times.